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dsc_0823I contemplated writing this post and then realized, perhaps it would not only be helpful to others, but could help me remember and stick to my goals. I wanted to avoid the word “resolutions” as it now has some what of a mocking tone to it – so instead, here are my five goals for 2017…


 I joked about this through an Instagram post (seen here) where I showed our new marble shower curtain (buy it here). It seemed so silly at the time, but you wouldn’t believe how happy I was that I switched out the old with the new. In short, stop procrastinating and get shit done.


I’m not talking about spending your savings on a trip around the world, I mean see things and explore. Last year I set a goal to travel to at least one new place. Thanks to my friend Jill, I visited Nicaragua in Central America and I’m so happy I did. We’re lucky we get to travel often for business, but that doesn’t always mean we have free time to roam and discover new things. We do however live in one of the greatest cities in the world, so I’d like to take advantage of that and try to visit at least 3 new places in New York City (hopefully more!). As for local road trips, I’m dying to visit this charming farmhouse in Hudson Valley.


Sure, I’d love to lose weight and get in tip top shape, but in reality I’d love to feel better over all. And if the end result means shedding a few pounds, then great! I truly just want to feel better from the inside, out.  As for alcohol, I’ll be cutting back a bit. Last January I had a sober month and I’m doing the same this month, but as time goes by I know it will be difficult to stick to this. My plan is to stick to the weekends, even if that means saying no to that free glass of champagne at the next big weekday-night event :)


Whether it be personal or professional, I will strive to try new things on a regular basis. This could be something as small as cooking a new meal (aka small victory!) or stepping out of my comfort zone for a business venture. I’m already working on this as I’ll be teaching my first social media seminar to a professional organization this February – though we provide social media services to our clients, this will be a new and exciting opportunity for me!


Last but not least and by far my favorite… Curt and I recently decided to split the company and differentiate what we actually do. We now have KC Public Relations (still a work in progress, but a sneak peek) – solely focusing on PR, marketing and event management as well as KC You There – solely focusing on the blog and our wedding styling and coordination services. We’re currently working on rebranding and new branding for KCPR and hope to be able to introduce both within the next few weeks. I haven’t been this excited for change in a long time and truly can’t wait to share!

Here’s to setting goals and knocking them down one by one!


Welcome to the new & improved KC You There! Our lifestyle blog needed a bit of a makeover (remember the old one?) and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We’ve been working on some great projects that we certainly believe you will be able to emulate right at home. We’re excited to inspire our readers to try new things whether it be through entertaining or everyday aspects.

We’ll be bringing you delicious recipes from appetizers to cocktails along with beauty and style tips for everyday life. Our goal is to provide advice that will ultimately encourage you to to live a creative & fun lifestyle! We’d love to hear from you, let us know what you’d like to see covered in the near future in our “comments” section!

A massive THANK YOU for the support!